Saturday, January 23, 2010


I Can't figure out how to rotate the picture

Ty had to get shots! :(
It's almost midnight and I don't know what to write.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Recent Events...

1. We are officially "Drifters." We're leaving this house, and moving to student housing this week. No me gusta moving. We're kinda like Gypsies. Andy trades things (horses, dogs, cattle, cats and occasional donkeys) and I bear his children, make his dinners and wear silk bandanas to show that we're married and he owns me.

2. We went to Cedar Mountain with Matt over Christmas Break. Matt let some horses go and Andy cheated death and chased them miles down an icy road while we (Matt, Ty, Nikki) got the truck stuck "belly deep" in mud snow and ice. It was quite an adventure.

3. We attempted to take family pictures but Ty was not cooperating. He cried, spit up, peed out of his diaper, clawed daddy in the eye and tried to bite mommy.

4. Ryan's ENGAGED! We inducted Kellie to the Hatfield family with the infamous "sit on Santa's lap" tradition. Suprisingly enough, she handled it better than most new members of the family. She wasn't even embarrassed.

5. Ty met Santa for the first time! He was not impressed. He didn't even bother to wake up.


Ty has been learning a lot lately. He can now hold his head up, smile and project vomit 2.5 inches.