Friday, February 5, 2010

Crazy Student

Hey all-

Last week I had planned to take my Clothing 1 class to JoAnn's Fabric Store. It's only about two blocks from the school so I figured we could just walk. I told my 2 classes a couple days before to dress warm and wear "your walkin' shoes".

Friday Morning
2nd hour. Red Air Day in Logan. Approx 2 degrees. Highschool students (too cool for coats).
We headed on our journey to the fabric store. Right before we crossed the road to get there someone said... "is it even open?" Oops... I forgot to check.
It was 8:45 and they opened at 9. There I stood with 25 high school students (some didn't have coats). I decided to knock and see if we could get in.
To make a long story short...

THEY WOULDN'T LET US IN! (jerks :) )

So... we trekked back to the school.
I was mad! and cold. And I didn't want to walk over there again so I told my next class... "sorry we're not going to the fabric store, we're going to watch this movie about buying fabric instead".

One crazy little freshman got SO mad. She stormed out of the room and said she was going to the office. I was a little bit in shock so I just said "Okay, see ya, good luck"

She went to the assistant principal and told him then... she didn't stop there... she went to the school police officer and "reported" what I did. Ha!

Crazy Students. The assistant principal told her to come back and apologize and the school cop escorted her back to class.

What was she thinking?... they were going to arrest me for changing my lesson plan.

Crazy Kids.

I love my job!