Monday, January 17, 2011

Goodnight Logan

(Anyone ever read Goodnight Moon?)

Goodbye Logan
Goodbye Student Housing
Goodbye Firehouse
Goodbye Logan High
Goodbye Cheese Factory
Goodbye Scraping my Windshield
Goodbye Friends
Goodbye Cow Jumping over the Moon
Goodbye Lee's Marketplace
Goodbye Collegues
Goodbye Students
Goodbye Finals Week
Goodbye Cafe Rio
Goodbye Budge Pediatrics
Goodbye 96.7
Goodbye Edwards Furniture Commercials
Goodbye Utah State

I cried the whole way home. :(

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Our Living Conditions

Our living conditions are less than ideal. In fact, if you called DCFS they would probably take Ty away... JK.

We decided to move all of our stuff to Payson before Christmas. including our bed, washer and dryer, kitchen equipment, etc...

We were only coming back for 2 weeks... no big deal... right?

No. We happily put up with the sleeping bag, 2 pans and 2 bowls for a couple days until I said, "this is kinda like camping." Then Andy said "no, this is worse than camping."

He was right, it was worse than camping... until... our toilet water holding tank broke and leaked all over the floor... then it was ULTRA worse than camping.

We had to flush with a bucket of water until a kind maintenance man came after hours to fix the deteriorated rubber gasket.

I was really sad to move from Logan, but now, I'm looking forward to a bed, kitchen equipment, a working toilet (and a backup one if needed), couches, a treadmill, millions of toys for Ty, a washer and dryer, and most of all, A GARAGE!

But I'm still sort of sad to leave Logan.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Negative Fifteen

What were we thinking?

New Years Eve Eve, we packed our bags and warm clothes and decided to snowmobile into my Grandpa's cabin with Ty. We didn't get to the parking lot until dark. We loaded everything and bundled Ty up and we were off. Ty HATED it. He was scared and he kicked and screamed and fought the entire way. It was negative fifteen and we had to keep his face covered so it didn't get frostbite. Half way through, I thought to myself, "What were we thinking?" We were too far to turn back and still a few miles from the cabin.

Ty was fine when we got there but I was a little bit in shock (I hate it when my baby cries). I jumped off the snowmobile to walk into the cabin and the snow went up to my hips!

We stayed for a couple days. It was beautiful.
Cold, but beautiful.

On the way out, we got smarter. I zipped Ty into my snowmobile overalls and wrapped him in a fleece blanket. He looked around and smiled. Within 2 minutes he was asleep.

We got some snowshoes for Christmas. I can't wait to break them out again this weekend. Hopefully, the temperature will rise to at least double digits (my car thermometer this morning said 2*F).