Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ty's First Ride

We went camping 2 weeks ago by Greenriver... Well we kinda went camping. We slept in a hotel and did everything outside and cooked outside and hiked and I FOUND A REAL LIVE INDIAN ARROWHEAD. I think it was the one that Sitting Bull used to kill Custer (wait, did that really happen?) :)
Anyway... I didn't want to go to jail so I just took a few photographs. I'll post photos later. I also was looking for gold that was hidden by the wild bunch but I didn't find any... I think I found a marker though that pointed to the gold pit. But... I didn't have a shovel. Next time I'll retrieve it.

Ty had his first ride last night and loved it. He has sat on a saddle many times in his dad's shop but never on a saddle AND on a horse!

We spent the night in Tremonton with food, friends and fun.
Check out the saddle that Andy's friend Dan built at our house.
Andy had to try it out.

Ty went to all three hours of church for the first time today. We've been paranoid about Swine Flu and other sicknesses that are going around. He slept through our class and only cried once!

Spring Break at Logan High is next week! Yay. I only have to make it through five more crazy days before I get a week of freedom. We're going camping by Hanksville and I'm taking a shovel this time so I can dig up some loot.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Four Months Old

Ty is four months old now! He laughs, and recently discovered his tongue. He sticks it out all the time! It's so cute.
Spring is coming! We have 4 baby calves. They are so cute. 2 red and 2 black ones. I named this one Jamal. :)
Ty had to get his 4 month old shots. It was so sad. He was pretty tough. He didn't cry that much but he did get a fever in the night after. Thank goodness for Tylenol.
We started feeding Ty rice cereal. The first time I let Andy feed him and he got SOOOO messy. I was worried he was going to suffocate because he had so much cereal up his nose. He's starting to get better at eating it though... he wasn't as messy in this photo.
Hope you're all doing well.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Talented Husband

Because my pictures won't upload... grr... I'll show off some of my husband's talent.
These are some taps Andy made for me. We went with Matt and he had some cool ones so I talked Andy into making me some. If they didn't make my legs so tired I'd use them more often.

Here's a saddle Andy finished right before Baby Ty was born.

This is my favorite! A 13 inch kid saddle! It is so stinkin cute.

I wish my camera would work so I could upload photos of the most recent saddles and recent pictures of my sweet baby.
We're all doing great here in Logan. Ty's growing like a weed. He hangs out with Andy in his shop all morning. He smiles, laughs, grabs things, can roll over one way and we even fed him some rice cereal yesterday. I'll post pictures ASAP. Andy fed him. He had cereal up his nose, in his ears, in his eyes, allover his hands and clothes! It was great. He's growing up so fast I can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday he was born. Now, I can't imagine life without him. He is so great.
I just got a jogging stroller. It's my new weight loss plan. :) I love it! Me and Ty have been picking Andy up from class and exploring Campus, North Logan and Aggie Village.
We're taking baby camping in 2 weeks by Greenriver. Do you think we're crazy? We've got a wood stove for our tent so it will probably be warmer than a house! We're excited (and Ty is too)!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Vacation time yet?

I want to go here...

or here...

Or here...

Or somewhere...

I also want to post new pictures of my cute cute baby but my camera isn't working.

Baby Ty looks like this...

Just 4 months older.