Monday, August 1, 2011

Pink or Blue?

Baby number 2 is scheduled to arrive December 17 (but I'm hoping he or she decides to come a little early, the 17th is too close to Christmas).

We have an ultrasound on Wednesday.

Boy or girl?

What do you think?

Maybe I should rip out one of my hairs and hang my wedding ring above my belly with it and... (anyone ever heard that trick? does it work?)

I think it's a boy. But, I thought Ty was a girl, and I don't care at all either way!

Maybe it's twins.


  1. I'm going to vote girl because thats what I'm having and our due dates are only 1 day apart! I also have a friend who is due 2 days before me that is having a girl. So I think you will too. :) Can't wait to hear what you find out! p.s. all the "tests" I did to see what gender I was having were wrong. They all said boy.

  2. I'm going with another boy. ;) Only because I love my little brood of them...they're SO much fun!!! Can't wait!!! (Tanner and Taylor were born December 13th and 4th. Ryan's is the 3rd...So sorry you have to 'endure' a December birthday. LOL!)

  3. You are way too tiny to be having twins! You look great. Congrats on baby number two and I hope you get exactly what you are hoping for {boy or girl!|